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“Here are a few bookmarks from my reading on the road and at home. You can share your thoughts and reactions online using #SightReading. Happy reading!” –Yo-Yo Ma

‘I Could Integrate Both Worlds’

Collaborators in Creation

By Eric Beinhocker, Doyne Farmer,Fotini Markopoulou, and Steen Rasmussen | Aeon
Our world is a system, in which physical and social technologies co-evolve. How can we shape a process we don’t control?

Ken Wyatt calls for law change to protect Aboriginal artists from carpetbaggers

By Lorena Allam | The Guardian

What if Competition Isn’t As “Natural” As We Think?

By John Favini | Slate
New research shows that collaboration is just as "natural" as competition in all forms of life.

The biological origins of culture

By Nathan Gardels | The Washington Post
Reason + Emotion = Culture

Novelist Haruki Murakami has good advice on what you can do when life looks dark

By Ephrat Livni | Quartz
" way to heal the world is to be in it and offer your gifts."

Is There a Limit to Scientific Understanding?

By Martin Rees | The Atlantic
Science enlightens us to phenomena of the universe, but often it fails to help us understand the everyday

Creative thought has a pattern of its own, brain activity scans reveal

By Ian Sample | The Guardian
Can creativity be taught?

Take Fate by the Throat: Beethoven on Creative Vitality and Resilience in the Face of Suffering

By Maria Popova | Brain Pickings
Life is art, art is life

Beyond Anger

By Martha C. Nussbaum | Aeon
It is empathy, not payback, that we should demand in times of rage