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“Here are a few bookmarks from my reading on the road and at home. You can share your thoughts and reactions online using #SightReading. Happy reading!” –Yo-Yo Ma

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

A full-body brain workout

Q&A: Telling Job Interview Questions

By Jacquelyn Smith & Rachel Gillett | Business Insider
I love to learn about people: who they are, what they do and why.

Travel: Space by Laser Propulsion

NASA 360 Talks
Beam me up (with a laser!)

Don’t Turn Away From the Art of Life

By Arnold Weinstein | New York Times
To make life fuller, more memorable, Arnold Weinstein believes that the humanities are essential.

Curing Cancer Is Within Reach

By Michael R. Bloomberg & Joe Biden | Bloomberg
I’m always amazed by what can happen when people use imagination and initiative to serve a bigger goal.

The Secret of Immigrant Genius

By Eric Weiner | Wall Street Journal
“What is it about the act of relocating to distant shores – voluntarily or not – that sparks creative genius?”

How do we fit into the world?

These three articles remind us that the ways we answer this question–culturally, economically, politically, and beyond–are as varied and numerous as the people of our globe.

Reading a Poem: 20 Strategies

By Mark Yakich | The Atlantic
“Try to see what world the poem creates. Then, if you are lucky, its world will help you re-see your own.”

A Profound Contradiction of Human Existence

By Shane Parrish | Time
“Science does not reveal the meaning of our existence, but it does draw back some of the veils.”

Extremely Rare Gemstone Could Prove That There’s an Ocean Hidden Deep Inside Earth

By Sara Barnes | My Modern Met
We tend to think that we know our planet, but the Earth, and the scientists who explore it, keep us marveling.