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“Here are a few bookmarks from my reading on the road and at home. You can share your thoughts and reactions online using #SightReading. Happy reading!” –Yo-Yo Ma

Art as Experience: John Dewey on Why the Rhythmic Highs and Lows of Life Are Essential to Its Creative Completeness

By Maria Popova | Brain Pickings
Art should help us remember – not forget – to relish the highs and the lows, the banal and the exciting.

New Ways Into the Brain’s “Music Room”

By Natalie Angier | New York Times
Scientists have found “neural pathways that react almost exclusively to the sound of music,” implying that music perception is as elemental as speech.

Thomas Edison’s Recordings of Leo Tolstoy: Hear the Voice of Russia’s Greatest Novelist

Technology can propel us into the future, but it can also connect us to the past

When Beauty Strikes

By David Brooks | New York Times
Beauty affecting our hearts and imaginations, inspiring us to be more.