On February 27, Yo-Yo Ma will speak at the University of Michigan on how culture connects us, exploring the many ways that culture helps us to imagine and build a better future. Inspired by his ongoing two-year Bach Project, this talk draws upon examples from Yo-Yo’s own journeys as he illustrates his points through music and images.

This conversation is followed by a Day of Action in Flint, Michigan, on February 28. “Culture matters because it helps us connect and understand one another. And it’s only through connection and understanding that we can create strong, inclusive, and resilient communities and build a better future. I have watched with the nation as Flint has done just that,” says Yo-Yo Ma. The Day of Action will explore how culture has raised the city’s many voices, forging a strong community and a shared, forward-looking narrative for Flint. Throughout the day, Yo-Yo will be joined by one of Flint’s musical and creative leaders: songwriter and recording artist Tunde Olaniran.

The day begins with a strategy session involving Yo-Yo and a group of Flint cultural leaders, culture makers, and other community and civic leaders. Yo-Yo then hosts “Flint Voices: Culture, Community and Resilience” – a community showcase celebrating Flint’s past, present, and future – that takes place at the historic Berston Field House. Held from 4 until 6 in the afternoon, this event is free and open to the public.