For the 2013 Nancy Hanks Lecture in Washington D.C., Yo-Yo Ma discusses where in nature, society, and human interactions we can find the greatest creativity, and what we can all do to help students grow up to be contributing and committed citizens.

“I realized that everything I practice in music, and this is true of all the performing arts, involves the four qualities necessary for success in the workforce of the 21st century: collaboration, flexibility, imagination, innovation.” – Yo-Yo Ma

In this lecture-performance, Yo-Yo Ma is joined by gaita player and pianist Cristina Pato, jooker Lil’ Buck, and MusiCorps wounded warriors: Specialist Nathan Kalwicki, Lance Corporal Josh Cawthorn, Sergeant Rex Tharp, Corporal Marcus Dandrea, Lance Corporal Tim Donley, teaching artist Greg Loman and founder Arthur Bloom.