By Philip Lewis

Like most entrepreneurs, Raphael Wright took notice of a need in society (inaccessibility to high quality, healthy food) and began conceiving of a way to fill it (build a grocery store). But Raphael went a step further. He decided to build a new business model, one that empowers communities through sustainability and, perhaps most importantly, ownership. It got me thinking: how could we use this same model in the arts and sciences to benefit communities in need?

“‘The idea is that, in three years, we would have built this store up to what it needs to be,’ says Raphael, ‘while at the same time, while incorporating different media initiatives and different social projects, build this community up to a cohesive team and a corporate partnership.'”

What kind of cultural project – maybe a music therapy group or a mural for a community garden – would you build to bring people together and help a community in need?

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