On July 24, Yo-Yo Ma performs a live concert on IDAGIO’s Global Concert Hall. Titled “Live in Concert: Space, Time, Energy – Homage to Ennio Morricone,” Yo-Yo pays tribute to the legendary Italian composer who died earlier this month. Morricone thought of music as “energy, space, and time,” which is an idea that Yo-Yo has called “perhaps, the most concise and accurate [description] I’ve ever heard.”  Yo-Yo’s admiration of Morricone comes to life in an energetic program that brings performer and audience on a journey across space and time, from the composer’s iconic film scores to traditional tunes from Mongolia and America to Schubert and Bach. 

To experience this concert live, tune in at 8pm ET on July 24. The program will remain available for viewing until 9:30pm ET on July 25. Tickets to this event are available for 9.90 EUR (approx. 11.30 USD) through IDAGIO. For more information on this program and to purchase tickets, click here.