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Feb 2, 2017



My friends at Silkroad and I are so excited for you to have the chance to see "The Music of Strangers," a documentary by director Morgan Neville.

Yo-Yo Ma

On June 10, 2016, director Morgan Neville’s new documentary The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble arrived in cinemas in New York and Los Angeles, with a wider theatrical release in North America that summer. The film follows Silkroad’s group of diverse instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, arrangers, visual artists and storytellers as they explore the power of music to preserve tradition, shape cultural evolution and inspire hope. The film also chronicles Ma’s 20-year journey through global music.

“We started as a group of musicians getting together and seeing what might happen when strangers meet,” says Ma. “Now, when I’m with them, I feel a huge amount of creativity and trust. I am supported, inspired and energized by the work they do. It’s a pleasure to have seen them grow into mature artists and contributing cultural citizens. They are all people who care about their communities. Some are professors and some run festivals. They have all created fulfilling and meaningful lives for themselves in sometimes trying circumstances and I feel like I’m a fuller human being for the experience of knowing and working with them.” –Yo-Yo Ma

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