A Globally-Sourced Prélude: Share Your Video

Jul 5, 2018


Dear listener,

Aa musician, I travel a lot, and I love meeting new people along the way. Wherever I go, I love to see the infinite ways people express themselves through culture. Culture isn’t just the music I play. Culture is everything that expresses who we are. Culture helps us to understand each other and our world.

I’m about to start a two-year journey playing Bach around the world, and I hope it will be full of these moments of connection. So I thought we could start by making a video together – a little bit of Bach and the cello, and a lot of the culture of us. 

Can you please help me? Send me a video clip that shows the world how you express yourself and what brings your community together. We’ll put some of them together into a portrait of the culture of us. Show me something from your life that makes you “you.” Do you paint? Do you code? Design? Dance? Cook? Make? Discover?  

Share what makes your culture, so that together we can discover the culture of us. 

Yo-Yo Ma 

We want to show a picture of the culture of us to the world in a

globally-sourced music video set to the Prélude from Bach’s first cello suite.

 Here’s how you can submit your video.

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