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Bach Trios: Yo-Yo Ma joins Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer on tour of US

News | Apr 5, 2017

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

A full-body brain workout

Strings: Culture Shock

News | Mar 16, 2017

New York Times: “Write Me a Concerto: Yo-Yo Ma and Esa-Pekka Salonen on Their New Work”

News | Mar 14, 2017

Yo-Yo Ma joins The Knights for “Azul”

News | Mar 10, 2017

Yo-Yo Ma & Silkroad in Abu Dhabi

News | Mar 8, 2017

Yo-Yo Ma gives world premiere of Esa-Pekka Salonen’s Cello Concerto

News | Feb 15, 2017

New Album: Bach Trios with Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer

News | Feb 10, 2017

Washington Post: “D.C. elementary school students perform with Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell”

Press | Feb 8, 2017

Discover “The Music of Strangers”

News | Feb 2, 2017

Gala Concert: Colorado Springs Philharmonic 90th season celebration

News | Jan 25, 2017

Dvorak’s Cello Concerto in Miami & Houston

News | Jan 18, 2017

Yo-Yo Ma takes part in opening season of Elbphilharmonie

News | Jan 12, 2017

Artistic Director Yo-Yo Ma takes part in first-ever Youth Music Culture Guangdong festival

News | Jan 5, 2017

Civic Orchestra of Chicago’s Bach Marathon

Culture Matters | Dec 2, 2016

Q&A: Telling Job Interview Questions

I love to learn about people: who they are, what they do and why.
By Jacquelyn Smith & Rachel Gillett | Business Insider

Travel: Space by Laser Propulsion

Beam me up (with a laser!)
NASA 360 Talks

Don’t Turn Away From the Art of Life

To make life fuller, more memorable, Arnold Weinstein believes that the humanities are essential.
By Arnold Weinstein | New York Times

Curing Cancer Is Within Reach

I’m always amazed by what can happen when people use imagination and initiative to serve a bigger goal.
By Michael R. Bloomberg & Joe Biden | Bloomberg

Yo-Yo Ma celebrates 10th anniversary of Montreal Bach Festival

News | Nov 11, 2016