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“Great Minds Don’t Think Alike” – Artists as Innovators

Jul 19, 2017


How can artists contribute their unique talents and skills to causes outside of the performance hall or the studio?

Upstart Co-Lab and Emergence Creative have published a report that outlines why creatives, individuals they call “Artist Innovators,” can be invaluable additions to teams in the business, government, and social sectors. They found that there are two factors that can drastically change the way organizations innovate:

1) Cognitive diversity – differences in perception, judgment, and thinking style – is essential to maximizing the capacity of teams.

2) Creativity – original ideas that are effective and useful – is the single most important factor for success.

I remain convinced that artists and designers will be the innovators of this century, and that the problem-solving, the fearlessness and the critical thinking and making skills that I see every day are what is needed to keep our country competitive. Designers and artists create objects, devices and services that are more engaging, more efficient, more desirable and ultimately, more human.”

John Maeda, first Designer-in-Residence at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers

Find out more about “the Olympic athletes of creativity.” Download the report.

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