Science and Song

Researchers and scientists from a variety of fields are using groundbreaking techniques that reveal startling new connections between music and the human mind, the body and the universe. Yo-Yo Ma is appearing in a new PBS special called The Music Instinct Science and Song along with an array of musicians from Rock and Rap to Jazz and Classical to put music under the microscope.

In this PBS special Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin describe the way musical intervals are used or combined to create melody and harmony. McFerrin, together with the “World Singers,” sing a cappella to demonstrate that basic elements of music; pitch, tempo, rhythm and melody create specific reactions in our brains. Yo-Yo Ma plays two notes and then five more notes and then plays different combinations that demonstrate the way musical intervals are combined to create a melody or harmony


You can watch a clip of Yo-Yo performing the Bach Cello Suites here.

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