James Taylor

Photo by Rob Fortunato

Posted by joel

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Really a nice shot that shows the natural situation at the studio, at Yo Yo Ma's office. I hope you share more pictures like this in the future. The fans just want to know more about the daily life of this world fame cellist. brattonsound Gun Cabinet

I really enjoyed the post where i love her music and the background was really good thanks for sharing
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Everything you capture is always perfect. The pictures, the people, the background.. I wonder how cozy it is to work in the same studio with Yo Yo Ma. Good luck! male pattern baldness

James Taylor! I love him too. What a show..! Must be so engaging to listen to his plays directly. Thanks for the photo!

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Spend time to compose new music? Cool.. I love pictures like this. It is mainly because you don;t see the whole part, just a bit, but it is also the most natural part. ponies horses

That's really cool photo. Did he knows you took that pic? Is it candid camera? But, I wish you took the photo from in front of him, so I can see his expression. However, it is really nice, even if you took it from his back. Keep up the good work. - Milan Hotels