Yo-Yo Ma on Tavis Smiley

On Tuesday, December 8, Yo-Yo Ma will appear on the Tavis Smiley show on PBS. Yo-Yo will perform, as well as discuss his new 90-CD Box Set, Yo-Yo Ma: 30 Years Outside The Box. Check PBS for stations and air-times in your area.

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His name is Gabriel Cabezas.

Who was the 17-year old cellist who played the duet with Yo-Yo? His first name was Gabriel, but his last name was only mentioned once, by Tavis Smiley, but I don't remember it. I searched on Google for the last name of the young cellist, but found nothing. He was an extremely fine cellist - and it's quite unfair that his last name is so hard to uncover.

And who composed the "Donna Nobis Pacem" cello duet they played at the end of the program? Tavis mentioned the title but failed to name the composer!

Thank you.

You are always so great. I can't find the words to express my feeling in English...

Thank you for the notice. Don't miss it, everyone!!!