Songs of Joy & Peace

Imagine a party, a musical party inspired by the holiday season.  A party that celebrates the universal hopes, dreams and joy animating seasonal festivals the world over. 

That is what brought Yo-Yo Ma together with a remarkable group of friends - some old, some new - to create SONGS OF JOY & PEACE.  It is Yo-Yo's hope that everyone who listens to this album will hear a song familiar, comfortable and beloved to them as well as discover and fall in love with music that is brand new.

Check out Yo-Yo Ma's "SONGS OF JOY & PEACE " on now.

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Lets hope for joy and peace to everyone and Yoyoma's music to accompany that. I will be writing articles that time.

Yo-yoma is exceptional as a musician. His many pieces are fantastic and I cannot wish for more everytime I hear him play. I like to see his performance again and the songs of joy and peace will be lasting and will be great for Christmas. I dont have a talent for music but write great articles like Farmville cheats and Term life insurance

So refreshing to hear Yo-Yo Ma's music after a long day of work on IT support services,
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Thanks that the way to post nice blog

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hoping to hear more from him!

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Do you provide the music download facility from apple online store? If so what would be the price? I downloaded some music from Bleach 244 and it was horrible at some points. It's your music that keeps the human brain going on.

you are my favorite sir.You have the ability and the skills for it.And i know that you are deserves to be the BEST for ever.
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I've being following your music steps for a while. And I see you being selected by president Obama as an official musician for him. I'm impressed and happy to hear the news.

Wish you all the best!

Sarah from chinese zodiac compatibility

Though this album occasionally transportive, it seems somewhat expected holiday release. It’s not characteristic of Ma, and we could perhaps give him the benefit of doubt here.
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It is a great album with lots of classical hits with great melodies. I enjoy all of them..

The Christmas classics are always the most heart warming. Check out the Christmas gift guide for 2009.

Thank you very much indeed for such a 'Precious and Rich' Album. In Chinese character 「貴重」.

I am kind of "exhausted" after watching the DVD Eye-wink I think we are the HAPPIEST FANS in the world!!!

Hope many more people can get this 『貴重なAlbum』 with 『最高なDVD』!!! Thank you so much!!!


I can't find words!! Thank you so much for ... EVERYTHING!!!!!

I like your Letter!! Thank you for your hand-writing! Thank you for indicating the Date of each recording!! I promise I will be much more 'patient' without seeing you!! Thank you for recording 'Joy to the world' in summer! Cool I am now in track 14. I am writing with listening!! So much JOY!!!! Thank you for telling us your holiday memories!!! I wish I have had a fire-place in my house! I want to listen this in a blanket in front of a fire-place. It should be the best holiday!! I can easily imagine the Party we would have!!

So, I will continue the Party!!

See you later,


Thank you for the renewal!! I am enjoying exploration!!
Looking forward to get "SONGS OF JOY & PEACE", next week!