The Goat Rodeo Sessions Wins Best Folk Album!

Congratulations to The Goat Rodeo Sessions, which won a Grammy yesterday for Best Folk Album!

Posted by cmgelisa

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Congrats, What you had played on youtube really amazed me.

Congrats, I've found your amazing skills on!

Really disappointed the way ticket sales are handled at least for the Cincinnati show by Ticketmaster and the venue PNC Pavilion. I work and I am a busy person. My free time is primarily on the weekends to get tickets for a show. I only see one or two major or special event shows per year and I am tired of sitting in the nose bleed seats. Presale tickets for Goat Rodeo are Monday and I have not been able to get any information how to participate in the presale. PNC Pavilion offices are not open on weekends and will not be open until 11 AM on Monday and presales start at 10 AM. I think the everyday working man and woman should have the same fair chance to buy tickets as anyone else. Also, Ticketmaster has been around a long time, and services are worse now than ever. Electronic communications and mobile devices allows businesses to rip off the artists and fans more than ever, and it makes it more easy to ignore the wishes of the artists and fans. I cannot talk with anyone about this except Ticketmaster customer service reps, and the information online is practically useless. I hope y'all enjoy the show.

Congrats on a great album! When can we get a SACD or high resolution version?