Goat Rodeo Sessions on Sirius XM

The Goat Rodeo Sessions artists will be interviewed at SiriusXM radio. See below for a list of broadcast dates.

LINKEDMusic will air on SiriusXM Pops (available on your SiriusXM car, device, or online anywhere in the US).

Saturday, August 17, 9am (EST)

Sunday, August 18, 8pm (EST)

Monday, August 19, 11pm (EST)

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I am a violinist in the SF area and would like to know if the music from Goat Rodeo sessions is available for other groups to play. It is amazing and has become my one time only recording I listen to all the time.

I am waiting for your news
This is sports news live & others all news live

I am waiting to listen the broadcast news. Samir