The Goat Rodeo Sessions

Yo-Yo Ma's new album, The Goat Rodeo Sessions, comes out this October! Learn more about this project and the amazing musicians that Yo-Yo is working with by checking out "The Goat Rodeo Sessions" video teaser by clicking the Video tab above.

Posted by cmgelisa

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Goat Rodeo is an awesome name for an album, and this album was definitely good, one of my favorites yet!

This is indeed one of their greatest albums ever. I would surely be attending this year's event. Kudos to the organizers!

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Hello, I am currently choreographing a dance to the first one and a half minutes of "Attaboy" by Goat Rodeo Sessions. I am hoping to perform it at a local performance in Utah at the end of this month. A copyright concern has been raised because the performance is going to be recorded and then a copy will be given to those who were in it. I am writing to ask permission to use the piece of this song. Please let me know if this is a possibility.

Melissa P.

This is my second Yo-Yo Ma’s CD, the first one “Obrigado Brazil”which to be honest, I was bias when I bought it, after reading the very exquisite selection of traditional Brazilian music (from 1930-1940s). But with this one, I’m in total disbelieve, I had never thought I could ever, by free choice, buy this type of musical genre. All happened this Fall while having a cup of coffee with my love at Starbuck’s patio and this smooth sound was coming out of speakers…and as twinkle lights…the Cello was entering into melodic ears. The melody “Quarter Chicken Dark” would surprisingly stimulate your sensual imagination.

I have just about every cd of Yo Yo's, but I think this is now my favorite. It is the synergy that totally excites me. Paradoxically, it touches me deeply -- in the most playful way. I keep playing it and yet do not want to kill it by overdoing it. I would love to see some dance choreography with several of the pieces. Brilliant -- Yo Yo, Stuart, Edgar, Chris, and Aoife!

After seeing a selection from Goat Rodeo Sessions performed on The Colbert Report, I ordered the CD the following day. I have not purchased a CD in a long time, but this musical endeavor is so new, intriguing, and exciting, I just had to have it. My husband was a musician with music being central to our 47 years of marriage. He passed away a little over a year ago leaving me unable to listen to music because it made me so sad. After listening to this beautiful, complex mix of classical and bluegrass music, the joy of music has been returned to me. Thank you for restoring something so precious to my life.

I have just heard the group play on Stephen Cobert's show. If it was not one AM right now, I would run to the store and buy a copy !!!
Now THAT'S my kind of Bluegrass. Bravo ! I cannot beleive YoYo Ma's musical versatility ! Talk about open mindness !! Thank you, Rodeo gang, for taking us with you on your incredible musical journey !

I saw the performance of Goat Rodeo on the Fox News network this morning and immediately bought the CD,DVD, and GR Tote Bag for my wife. The music is fantastic, the synergy between the artists is fantastic but what's more important, my wife is very happy with me now! I recommend this album to everyone.