The Goat Rodeo on The Colbert Report

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After hearing "Here to Heaven"on Leno (Thank you, Barack Obama!), I've passed your music along to my son at Berklee, who has, in turn, passed it along to all of his friends there. They are all crazy fans of the band (having already been fans of you each personally) now and just want you to perform at the BPC asap. Perhaps Berklee graduation?

Fantastic performance! Both songs were excellent, and the Q&A was absolutely hilarious.

Cannot wait to see the four of you thrash. Maybe a collaboration with Dillinger Escape Plan or Mike Patton? I think math metal would be right the band's alley...

Just saw your performance on the Colbert Report- -it blew me and my little sister away! I have loved your music ever since I was little, and I am so happy to share it with her, now. Please keep creating beautiful music! A wonderful performance, I hope to see you all live, someday.

Just caught your performance on The Colbert report,very nice! I often listen to music and think of who would sound good if they also sat in,and while you guys played,I heard clear as day,that a great voice to accompany your wonderful strings would be Bjork.the key you were in is right up her ally.What a perfect fit you and she would be.One can only hope to hear such fusion.Keep up the awesome work.