The Goat Rodeo Sessions

Released: 2011


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1 Play Track Attaboy MP3
2 Play Track Quarter Chicken Dark MP3
3 Play Track Helping Hand MP3
4 Play Track Where's My Bow? MP3
5 Play Track Here and Heaven MP3
6 Play Track Franz And The Eagle MP3
7 Play Track Less is Moi MP3
8 Play Track Hill Justice MP3
9 Play Track No One But You MP3
10 Play Track 13:8 MP3
11 Play Track Goat Rodeo MP3

Comments (8)

Music Lover Plz Welcome

My husband an I attended the show at Bethel Woods on 8/16/13. It was beyond spectacular. I left in tears of the most joyous variety. I turned to my husband and said "that was so beautiful that it hurt"

You have touched my soul....which is what all art is meant to do. Thank you.

Excellent album!! The female voice is Aoife O'Donovan?

I LOOOOVE Attaboy. It's my favorite!!

Who is the female vocalist on the two tracks? Her voice is very familiar. I'm really looking forward to live event on the the 31st!!

Hey, I seen you on the Colbert report and was blown away, I was familiar-ish with your work before but in the last week have become a fan. Was hoping to find out if you'd be willing to do a show in Kingston Ontario. We have a great history of music here and it would be amazing if we could could see the goat rodeo and you could our little bit of life.

i downloaded from itunes. just an fyi...don't know if anyone else is having issues---when i signed into download the ituneslp downloaded, but will not let any videos play. the music immediately starts playing. also can't select the different tracks to play.
this may be an itunes issue.
don't know. i notified them. any ideas?

I saw them on Fox & Friends today performing a cut from the Goat Rodeo CD, and after posting to Facebook, I decided to order the CD for hubby and keep the bag for myself. Yo-Yo Ma has a sense of humor! (I'm sure I'll get to listen to the CD too!)