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    Just joined the Yo Yo Ma discussion.Is there any Michel Jackson lover?



    I love Michael Jackson!!! Pick me!!! I like the young michael jackson a little better than the old michael jakcson. I dont feel like he needed any of the plastic surgery that he got. He was fine before his plastic surgery and I dont understand why he wanted to make the switch from black to white. I understand that he had a skin disease which caused his skin to turn white but I dont understand why he wouldnt just cover up the white spots with black other than covering up his black spots with white. But if you’re interested:



    Hello, everyone!

    My name is Alessandra. I’m a cellist in Georgia who loves Yo-Yo Ma and Baroque and Classical music.



    It’s a modern-day tragedy. A young man is born with incredible talent and promise, and then achieves unimaginable success early in his life. A glorious future is predicted, but instead his life is a series of ever more strange behaviors and events, culminating in his untimely death. Michael Jackson is called “The Prince of Pop,” but he ought to be known as the tragic hero of our times.

    Who was he, really? Michael Jackson has been, paradoxically, both the most public and the most private figure of the last half-century; a man whom everyone in the world knows about but few, if any, truly know. He guarded his privacy ferociously; sometimes going to extreme and even bizarre lengths to hide his and his children’s’ appearance. He was there and not there, and now, he is truly gone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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