Your coming in France?

Mr Yo-Yo MA,

I have heard of your coming in France in february 2010. I would like very much buy a ticket in order to hearing your so wonderful sound. Even if i like music very much, i must save money for taking one,and i'll do it just in order to come hearing your beautiful music that make me flying.
I haven't find anything on your site nor in "your events" which let me think that you will come .
Can you confirm that you will be here for a gala the 10th 2010 february at the Salle Pleyel?

I hope so.

Thank you for your answering and for all emotions that your cello and you give me each time i listen to you.

Please, have a long career.


P.S.: Forgive me if there is english mistake, i'm better in french of course!

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By mattm | 12/02/09 - 05:12AM

I agree with Christine, I would love to see a show and experience the music live.

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