Yo-Yo Ma should make a hiphop album entitled "Yo MaMa" Post if you agree (Or disagree)

Tracks may include:
Bringing sexy bach
Too hot to Handel
Bow like a cholo
Haydn in da' hood
Concert-yo in c minor (feat. Kanye West)
... And many more to come!

Comments (12)

By DentistCare | 03/17/10 - 01:03PM

Although I very much like to experiment with music, I think YoYo Ma would not like it, has an excellent recording of Brazilian music and movies.
I think if the job required it, he would work on it. he is a pro. =)


By Salley911 | 03/07/10 - 02:03AM

I totally agree with DReid1121 and MWolfe921. They both got a point and it will still be depending to Yo- Yo Ma likewise. Please respect the man who is into classic. peace!

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By DReid1121 | 02/27/10 - 06:02AM

Yo-yo Ma to do hip-hop? i dont think so.....its not going to be good on his personality and profile...

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By MhMony | 02/24/10 - 01:02AM

i am not agree with you..

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By ABoyd1020 | 02/22/10 - 09:02AM

I totally disagree! Let it be Yoyoma's forte!
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By irishkid | 02/17/10 - 10:02PM

seriously have some respect the man is a musical genious

By jc455 | 02/13/10 - 01:02PM

OMG that would be such a laugh! Kinda like Pavaroti singing & headbanging to "Enter Sandman"!
Those are great titles, btw!

But on a serious note, I think people would buy the album just for the laughs like some people actually bought William Hung albums in my country! But for the music? NO!

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By MWolfe921 | 02/13/10 - 09:02AM

I disagree! Its not going to be good on the image of Yo-Yo Ma to do hiphop since he's into classic. However, as per sierraP it will all depends to Yo-yo Ma if he can do it.

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By elizabeth200353 | 02/07/10 - 11:02AM

This is a serious issue that could effect the environment, the world economy, and global peace! The nerve of all the people who have neglected to respond to this topic!

By elizabeth200353 | 01/09/10 - 09:01PM

Seriously? Why don't people find this important?

By sierraP | 12/29/09 - 05:12AM

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By elizabeth200353 | 12/22/09 - 10:12PM

Post if you have any other track ideas Smiling