Yo-Yo Ma for Halloween?

My son is a HUGE Yo-Yo Ma fan. Not that unusual, until you realize he is a severly autistic 12 year old -- not someone commonly associated with the legions of YYM fans worldwide.

Liam's favorite CD is "Portrait of Yo-Yo Ma" and we often drive around for HOURS listening to the tracks -- but track 2 is his favorite, so we sometimes must hear that dozens of times over and over again before we can head back home.

So, guess what Liam is going to be for Halloween this year? You guessed it: Yo-Yo Ma!

Poor Dad gets to carry the cello around the neighborhood during trick-or-treating. I'm not sure the neighbors will know right away who Liam is supposed to be, but I can promise it will not matter to him. He will be one happy guy, dressed as one of his very favorite people!

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By VideoGames | 08/13/13 - 04:08PM

that's great liam must be one great kid of admire Yo Yo Ma, i loved the music since i first heared it.

By Cynthia Marie | 11/20/08 - 09:11PM

Wow, the music has touched his little soul. It's uplifting just to hear about it or read about it as the case is. Thanks

Cynthia Marie

By snow1081 | 11/01/08 - 09:11AM

AWww how sweet!! Can we see picture of Liam dressed as Yoyo Ma??