Update on Yo Yo Ma Instruments

In an old interview in Strings magazine,Yo Yo reported that he owned four instruments. They were the 1733 Montagnana cello, the 1712 Davidoff Stradivari, and two modern instruments: one by Moes & Moes and one by Mario Miralles. Does he still have all those. Does he still have the modern cello from James Cox, Baltimore, too?

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By janyrobert23 | 01/06/10 - 06:01AM

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By BonyYousuf | 12/03/09 - 05:12PM

i love the cello most

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By mattm | 11/15/09 - 12:11PM

I love Yo-Yo Ma and his work. Absolutely fantastic cellists and I find his music inspiring.

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By joshtaylor | 10/23/09 - 05:10AM

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By simons44 | 10/17/09 - 03:10AM

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By simons44 | 10/17/09 - 03:10AM

Cello, Piano, Viola, Violin These are the most played and used item by YO YO MA.
some notable instruments are Violoncello
Davydov 1712 Stradivarius
Domenico Montagnana 1733
Luis and Clark