Update on Yo Yo Ma Instruments

In an interview back in 2001, Yo Yo reported in Strings magazine that he owned four instruments. They were the 1733 Montagnana cello (Petunia), the 1712 Davidoff Stradivari (used for Baroque music), and two modern instruments: one by Moes & Moes and one by Mario Miralles. Does he still have all those. Does he still have the modern cello from James Cox (Baltimore), too?

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By BonyYousuf | 12/01/09 - 12:12PM

who knows??

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By Ronnie | 10/12/09 - 11:10PM

Wow, I didn't know that he had a stradivarius! I'm pretty sure that he owns alot more than just four instruments though. amazon promotional codes