Tribute to a Boston Community Leader

Hello Mr. Ma

I am reaching out in an effort to see if you would be willing and available to visit my church, Morning Star Baptist Church in Boston during your tour break in March. I know you may get several requests and I have been led to A.S.K. (Ask Seek and Knock).

I recently started using my gift of playing cello during worship service and during I think my second service, my pastor Bishop John M Borders III announced to the congregatioonly online that his favorite stringed instrument of all time is the cello. This may seem common; however following service one day he stopped me in the hallway and expressed that Yo Yo Ma is his favorite artist and cellist. He remembers shaking hands with you briefly at the Boston Marathon, but expressed that you may not remember him.

Bishop Borders is a great man and community leader and was and still is one of the noted leaders of the Boston Miracle and advocates against violence in our city.

I would love to invite you to service whenever you are available to play a hymn or song. I am currently on a secret quest to know Bishop Borders' favorite song/hymn and can let you know.

Just to see how connected we are: I met you in 2003-2004 in Little Rock AR with the Youth Symphony and remember hearing your profound words about making connections with people and conveying humanity through the music we play. Secondly, in 2005 my friends and i tried to visit you in Cambridge while working in a teacher program and they wrote a letter to you and you sent me an autographed photo and they sent me the Silk Road Project album.

I want to thank you for your gesture and hope that we can continue to convey our humanity through the music we ARE.