Thank you

Hello. I would just like to tell you how much your music means to me. The first time I ever heard your music was the piece you played with Chris Botti of Cinema Paradiso. I was moved so much by it that I actually cried. I am a huge fan of all kinds of music, but something about that piece.......made me feel like it was one of the MOST beautiful songs I have EVER heard. I only wish my grandfather, who passed away in 1974, could have heard this. He would have loved it. You carry a beautiful gift and the world is so lucky to have you share it! I live near Soka University and I heard last week that you were here but it was already sold out by the time I found out. I hope one day to have the honor of hearing you perform live. I joined your community so I can receive updates of where you will perform.

Thank you Mr. Ma......and Happy New Year!