Student access to BSO concert

Dear Mr. Ma,

I am writing this letter on the very small chance that you will receive it/read it. I am a PhD candidate at the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts in the Boston area, and have been a great admirer of your work since I was an undergraduate student. After seeing your prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 on youtube, you have converted me into a lover of classical music and of all your work. Now this doesn't seem like a very long time because you've been playing the cello since you were four and have been a phenomenally inspiring artist for a very long time, but I can honestly say, you have turned my world around. My family and I are immigrant farmers from Thailand, and we have never heard or have had access to classical music before. I never knew music could be so beautiful and inspiring, and I've been hoping ever since that I would be able to see you perform, or even get a glimpse of you on the street because I heard you live in Cambridge, MA. So it happens that the Boston Symphony Orchestra allows students access to performances for a lower price, and I've been hoping that I would be able to see you in concert this Friday, March 21. I've been looking forward to your performance since this fall when I bought the BSO student card. Students are allowed to get tickets Monday mornings at 10am. I went to the box office before they opened this morning, worried there might be a line. When I saw no line, I began to get suspicious and worried that they would not allow students access to your performance for the rebate price. I waited until they opened anyways, but to my great disappointment, my suspicions were confirmed. I am very bitter and sad because your performance was not listed as a black out date for students with the BSO card, and I cannot afford the full price of admissions, being a pretty impoverished graduate student. I know you are a world famous musician, but I wish they would grant students the chance to see you in concert at a price we can afford. My friend who accompanied to the box office in hopes of getting a ticket told me it was too good to be true, and I'm sad to see she was right. I was distraught enough to try to contact you. I am still hoping tickets might be available for students with the BSO card, but if not, I wish you the best, and hope to see you in concert one day in the future and thank you for being an inspiration.