Skin Care For Acne - Facials After 40

Facials after 40 years of age - estrogen deficiency on the skin appear visible wrinkles and folds. Rapidly aging is the skin around the eyes, mouth, around the neck, and maximum care will slow the natural aging of the skin. Can offer some advice if they stick, you will always be on top.
Balanced diet - Need to replenish your diet foods that contain beta-carotene, vitamin A, C and E, macro-micro-elements, antioxidants, they are found in dairy products, vegetables, fruits, in fish, shellfish, cereals and vegetable oils and unrefined, and so on.

That ages the skin?
• Lack of sleep, sleep should be at least 8 hours.
• If sunbathing on the beach without sunscreen.
• Passion for coffee drinks.
• Stress, nervous overload.
• If you long to sit at the computer, in a room with air conditioning.
• Bad habits - smoking and alcohol abuse.
• Irregular and poor nutrition - sweet and fatty foods.

Gentle cleansing - Those over 40 may be dispensed with cleansers, which is soap. Wash your face in the morning with cool water and clean skin in the evening milk. It contains fat and moisture, their well absorbed dry skin. Remains of milk do not rinse, dry and remove cosmetic tissue, then wipe without alcohol tonic. To remove eye make-up to use hypo-allergenic agents, skin around the eyes cannot rub vigorously and stretch of new wrinkles appears. Light cream is applied, massaging gently.