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Does anyone know if there exists sheet music books for each respective album and if so, where I might find them?
Thank you!

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By BonyYousuf | 12/10/09 - 03:12PM

i believe there is another post on this forum with the same question. u guys might wanna try there....

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By Higgey | 10/26/09 - 10:10AM

Very interesting information - thanks.

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By parthenophilast | 08/04/09 - 02:08PM

I am also looking for sheet music. My friend and I would like to play the arrangement of "Here Comes the Sun" that James Taylor and Yo-Yo Ma performed. If we studied the video, we could figure it out, bit by bit, but it would really help us if we had the written music in front of us. Does anyone know how we may obtain it?