Posting an Article on Yo-Yo Ma and CSO Citizen Musician

This is Colin Cronin over at Ovation Press String Visions ( We recently launched a new site for classical and string musicians that focuses on the latest news and innovation in music, topics such as science and string music, music entrepreneurship, creativity, and professional development.

One of our guest contributors attended an event on May 10th in the Chicago area where Yo-Yo Ma helped lead a roundtable discussion regarding "Citizen Musicianship," the initiative through the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. We have written up an article on this event and would like to run it on our site.

I am posting here to notify everyone involved in this site. If we need to obtain any permissions or if someone would like to look at a copy first please respond to the post before we post tomorrow (May 20).

Also, if anyone is interested in checking out the content on our site and giving me their feedback, I would very much appreciate it. You can contact me via the "Contact" form.

Thank you very much! Great stuff here on this site!

Colin Cronin