Performance at the inauguration

I have always been an admirer of Mr. Ma's work. The music he -- and all other skilled musicians -- create is truly one of the wonders of the world.

That's why I am so sorely disappointed about what happened at the inauguration.

I was watching the program on television and I was entranced by the beautiful performance. But then I found out I had not been listening to a genuine performance.

I am not satisfied with the explanations that have been given. There is never any reason to deceive the public in this manner. If the weather is not suitable for live music, then no one should be pretending to play live music. That is integrity.

"Sorry, I wish I could play live, but it is too cold. Now we will listen to a recording I made yesterday." That is what should have been done. No musician should ever be miming to a recording, no matter the circumstances.

I am very disappointed and I hope to convey that disappointment to Mr. Ma.

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By ReviewGuy | 02/11/10 - 08:02PM

A professional is a pro no matter what. Dubbed or not is not the point it was still his work or should I say great works that was for us all.

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By mickymar | 10/21/09 - 05:10PM

More so, performances are dubbed, due to time, and if anything should go wrong with instruments. Just remember the beauty of the sound of the music.


By cindy | 10/21/09 - 03:10AM

Your music is beautiful
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By blackflutist57 | 01/28/09 - 12:01AM

I totally disagree. I was surprised , to say the least, that they were out in that terrible weather with their instruments. If it is true, that the music was dubbed, I wouldn't be surprised nor am I dissapointed. I know that these musicians were world class and the music performed was world class. I can see a marching band playing in the cold ( Go Bucks!!! ). Not these guys.Along that line, I was surprised to see Aretha singing in that weather. She refuses to sing in air conditioning...I am sure that singing in inclamte weather is not any better.

You do what you gotta do.