Original Yo Yo Inspired Poetry


And the Lord God said “LET THERE BE BLUE” and there was blue.
Then the Lord God breathed out a cerulean hue. It circled and
Drifted on a curl of a sustained note from the cello. It
Rested on a primordial stream of crystal air.
The musician becomes one with the
Instrument and bows to the creation
De las palabras musicas.
The dialogue
The French horn is presented softly as though
On a pillow . A keyboard sighs and adds
Itself to the conversation. The heart Of the composition comes forward with a ponderous beating The song is flung into space as stars of other worlds; their dust over-reaching and echoing between trombone and horn . The threads
are woven. The act is complete. All that is false drops away and I can
see the spangled indigo in the genesis of beauty and truth.

Composed by, Lois Farrer Reeve