Meet him in person...

i dream of meeting him in person... a man who has passion and love for music...everytime he plays is not just a very good is more than a music...a music that comes from can feel and understand what kind of personalities he he really loves music...

i hope and pray i could meet him in person and have a souvenir like photos or autographs... more so, hope we could spend time...or have a personal tutorial...(hope its free...hahaha)

God bless and take care always...may your music inspire people...and lead them to the Most High...

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By kyle1313t | 05/27/10 - 12:05AM

Well, I'm not sure if you've heard of him, but my friend Nathan Chan has met Yo-Yo Ma. I'm pretty sure it was in the one of the concerts that Nathan and Yo-Yo played in. Nathan is a wonderful cellist, he is 16 right now. When he was 13 he filled in for Yo-Yo Ma for an album. Anyways, a lot of my friends who have played in concerts with him have gotten pictures with him. I'm still waiting till I get to take a picture with him so I can make it my profile picture!

P.S. He is very very nice and I'm sure he would be glad to take a picture with you Smiling


Thank you for taking the time to read my message!
-Kyle Talley, 13 year old cellist Sticking out tongue

By birdlandblues | 04/07/10 - 11:04AM

I have met him in person! For all of five seconds - after a wonderful concert in Pittsburgh about five years ago. I've never forgotten. My friend an I were given tickets by a kind and generous by stander, we somehow mande it into the after party where he was making the rounds and signing autographs and chatting. We scooted up to him shyly, and I said to him: "you're such an inspiration....your playing is" and I became speechless. He was so warm and welcoming to me, said "thank you so much, I appreciate you coming", took me by his side, put his arm around me and smiled for a photo. My friend took a pic with her cell phone camera, so the quality was not great....but the memories are stronger than reality! Mr. Ma is wonderful!

By MhMony | 02/24/10 - 01:02AM

good luck.

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