Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

Allow me to speak on my own behalf - others will no doubt have their own birthday wishes to bestow. Although we've never met, you've inspired me throughout the years - you've always been there (if only through your music) - offering solace and beauty. You have been an incredible role model and I am eternally grateful.

I hope you continue to bless us with your extraordinary talent and esprit. I wish you health and happiness.


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By noman | 09/24/13 - 02:09AM

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By Nani | 10/07/11 - 02:10AM

Japan is already 7th of October! Happy birthday!

By tangelag | 10/07/10 - 07:10PM

Dear Mr. Ma,

I wish you the happiest of birthdays and I thank you for what you have given and continue to give the world. There are no words for what your music has done to change my life. You are inspiring. All the best to you and yours.