From Vienna

Dear Mr. Yo-Yo Ma!

Please excuse me for bad english!
I am a member of the students council of the Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität and of the equal opportunities comission.
I was thinking about important social musician issues.
The reason of this mail is, that at our university, we have 16% asian students. (They are from Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea).
I would like to arrange a special project only for them, to foreground students with asian backgrounds, to enhance prestige of asian musicians in vienna.
Very often, they don´t get equal chances, because of prejudices, they were not good enough to sense european music.
I know, I can´t change the world, but anyhow I will try it.
I would like to request you to make a masterclass in our university especially for asian students.
Because I got no money for the job I do, I´m really sorry, but I can´t pay you anything for the time and work, you would spend us.
As recompense for your efforts there would be only the good feeling, that you was going one step in important tendency with us.

Thank you, please reply as soon as possible, Melinda Batori