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I am an 81 year old admirer of Yo Yo Ma. I compose music for many years. Recently, after seeing a video Yo Yo Ma playing my favored concerto (Dvorak) with the the Puerto Rican Symphony, and touched to tears by his playing I wrote a short piece for string orchestra and cello and I would like to dedicate it to him, and hope only that he would hear it. (less than 5 minutes) Anyone knows how this can be done? If at all? Looking at my age, I have not much time and therefore wish to rush this as much as possible.
I assume that there is a webmaster of this site, I would be very grateful for your help.

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By susana vega | 10/27/10 - 08:10AM

Gracias por tu musica, tienes el sonido mas maravilloso que he escuchado, tu cello emite los sonidos de mi corazon. please come to chile, we are so grateful, you have many fans in this country we love your music.

By laynge | 10/23/10 - 07:10AM

Thank you for creating a lot of wonderful music for us to listen.
Today I found out this website and would like to express my gratitude to your mom.
I read "My Son - Yo Yo" by Marina Ma as told to John A. Rallo in 1995.
It gave me a lot of inspiration and showed a way to bring up my son since he was
very young. I also let my son to read this book when he could read books.
I think, he also got some messages from you from this book more or less.
Luckily he is now attending the same school as you did.
I truly hope that you can give this message to your mom.

Best Regards,
user name: laynge (of your website)

By Suekmet | 08/20/10 - 06:08PM

First let me say that you are an incredible talent and I am a huge fan. But the reason for my note today, I am working on a fundraiser for breast cancer (Bras for the Cause) and my group has chosen a cello as our theme this year. We have a cello that we will be decorating for the event (or actual the bra that will accompany the cello). All submissions are judged and then sold to raise money for breast cancer. It was thought that our entry would be so much more valuable if we included one of your cd's. What I was hoping is that I could get an autographed one. I understand that you are probably initiated with requests like this but I truly hope to hear from you. My e-mail is

Thanks for listening! - Sue

By varmstead | 08/11/10 - 02:08PM

Hello from Valerie & Mike (Penelope's parents). We are looking forward to the one and only Silk Road performance tonight at the Mann in Philly.

Best wishes for safe travel and lots of love.


By Esbjorn | 08/04/10 - 05:08AM

I really want the sheet music for MALENA by Ennio Morricone - which Yo- Yo Ma performes phantastic!
Is it published and where can I buy it?
Esbjorn Martensson
Stockholm SWEDEN
mob ph 0046 70 6570280
Polar Music Prize

By BeTo | 08/02/10 - 04:08PM

Mr. Yo Yo Ma.

The Ministry of Foreign Affaris of Mexico requires your contact information for send you a Special Invitations for the festivities of Bicentenary (e-mail, mail & phone), and we like to do it as soon as possible. Thanks.

Jorge Alberto

By Jorge Rabuffetti | 06/12/10 - 01:06AM

Dear Maestro: Thank you so much for your kindness yesterday evening. After rehearsing on the stage of the Colón Opera, you signed and dedicated my dvd booklet, and took some time to talk to me. I am a big fan of you! I am a baritone and I sing at the Teatro Colón since 1991. Congratulations for your concert. Hope you will come more often and, again, thank you so much for your time and gentility
Jorge Rabuffetti

By xdivot3 | 05/22/10 - 11:05PM

Yo-Yo Ma is one of my favorites. Not a day goes by that I don't listen!


By Bria3320 | 05/03/10 - 04:05AM

I am a secondary school student studying music extension, and would ask that Mr Ma or anyone who is familiar with the subject could please assist me.
I need the opinions of Baroque cello specialists on the topic of whether or not a Baroque cello is required in order to present an authentic Baroque performance, and why/why not. I am not cheating on my assignment - I have done a lot of research into technical details and my teacher now requires me to present the opinions of experts on the subject.

If Mr Ma or anyone else knows of other Baroque cello specialists who may be able to assist me, I would be grateful if you could let me know how to contact them.

Thank you very much.

By alluktraffic28 | 04/20/10 - 09:04PM

It's worth spending more than less with classical music--recordings differ widely.

By MhMony | 02/24/10 - 01:02AM

there are many composers who have been inspired by Yo-Yo and requests like you. i don't think it's possible for them to fulfill all these requests. but good luck ..

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By Rachellynneg | 02/01/10 - 01:02PM

Hello, My name's Rachel. I'm 15 and I've been playing since I was about 10. I play and I take private lessons. But I feel like I'm just playing insignificant notes. I watch videos of you playing and I'm just amazed by how expressive your music is. I can tell that you truly love it. And I enjoy the cello very much, I just wish I could play with that kind of emotion. How do you channel all of your feelings into your playing like that?

By Martial Cellist | 02/01/10 - 12:02AM

Dear Yo Yo Ma,
First of all, congratulations on winning a Grammy tonight!
I wanted to tell you that I saw you play live with my cousin recently. He and I both started playing cello about 2 years ago, but I'm twentysomething and he's twelve. Personally I loved your performance, and though I was, of course, impressed with the highly technical fast parts of Haydn's Cello Concerto in C, what touched me was the quieter parts. I was truly moved.
I've enjoyed your music for more than a decade, but now that I actually play the cello, you're something of a hero. My cousin is inspired by you. Since seeing you play, he's been more serious in his lessons, and he has improved so much. He said "That was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard."

Thank you so much for playing, and for inspiring us.

By ELD David | 01/28/10 - 12:01PM

This is probably the wrong venue for this, so please accept my apologies, but I was hoping to reach Yo-Yo Ma and ask if he might sign a photograph that was taken of him and a resident of mine during his appearance at the Tucson Symphony Orchestra last month. Wanda Kay, the TSO's Director of Development, arranged for the photograph. As for my resident (I work for an independent senior community), she adores Yo-Yo Ma and was so thrilled to have been invited to meet him at the reception. She knows nothing about this request, but I know it would mean a lot to her. Thank you.

By radi8or | 12/13/09 - 02:12PM

Endorsement Alert Endorsement Alert
Dear Mr. Ma,
I'm an admirer of your talent and diverse endeavors. I could gush on, but as a licensed plumber, I find your endorsement of Glacier Bay and Price Pfister a bit strange. Glacier Bay is the worst of the worst. I happen to have one in my rental,it leaks everywhere and has NO serviceable parts. I can't wait to replace it. Price Pfister has good fit and finish,but is a purveyor of intentional obsolescence. I am fortunate to be acquainted w/a unique supplier who agrees that this company changes their internal designs so frequently that it makes it very difficult for even professionals to keep track of and locate their legacy products....legacy should not mean 4 years....Delta is OK quality and serviceable. Grohe is Really nice,but internally is unnecessarily complex. No-one paid me to critique these products,but after decades of installing and servicing these and other brands,it strikes me that a smart musician such as yourself could find some smarter companies to endorse. I won't name them,but there are many that are rock solid who might enjoy the exposure. Feel free to ask me what works.
Keep plucking and bowing Sensei.

By aabliss553 | 12/09/09 - 02:12PM

Inspirational is the perfect word for him. I too hope to meet him one day, although a concert would be just as good Smiling

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By BonyYousuf | 12/03/09 - 05:12PM

wow i'm moved by ur motivation... yo-yo ma is really is such a inspiring musician. btw i think u should try checking the link on feedback at the bottom of this website...
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By maniee | 10/31/09 - 04:10AM

Yo-Yo's music is truly inspiring!!

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By moonbeamluna1960 | 10/28/09 - 11:10PM

Hello from Amish country Middlefield Ohio.

It would be sooo cool if Yo Yo Ma would have an opportunity to meet and greet our children at Jordak Elementary school...Periodically they have school concerts. All children love music...but this school doesnt have an opportunity for children to play instruments. So the teacher has had the children use old coffee cans, and baby jars with sand.. Smiling She can /is very creative. I know Yo Yo Ma goes to different schools.. This school is wayyyy out in the country. The percentage of amish children is approx 30%. I know some personalities do go to like major towns, and it would be soo cool if they could just hear u share with your music. Children are totally touched by music, and can create some soothingness in their lives. Smiling

Tina Miller-Holmes

By brad5752 | 10/15/09 - 10:10AM

I have heard that he is very accessible if he is able look at the site for these comments. For someone that EVERYONE wants to have his attention, you may have to be patient.

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By Ronnie | 10/12/09 - 11:10PM

I hope that I can meet with Yo Yo Ma one day because he is truly inspirational, and I really enjoy listening to his music. amazon coupon codes

By pablobetes | 09/18/09 - 01:09PM

I'm from Madrid (Spain). I have recently visited the Auditorio National's website. There is no information about a concert on 1st. of March. Now, there are 206 concerts programmed in 2010 and it is not included the Yo-yo Ma's. Do you know something about it? Thank you.

By devindasilva | 09/06/09 - 08:09PM

dear mr. ma
hi im 14 years of age and you were my total inspiration after i herd you play bachs cello suit # 1 i have been playing about 2 to 3 years i think im comeing along very nicely i would just like to thank you so much for bringing cello into my life and my dream is to play with you and to hopefully become as good as you at the cello.

By emwu25 | 09/02/09 - 04:09PM

Your music was my total inspiration in the new electronic track I made. I was stunned by these pieces of art !

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By Hornbergerdavid | 08/25/09 - 06:08AM

Hi Yo-Yo Ma,

I would just like to thank you for all of your beautiful music. Your music is extremely inspiring, and it is always full of emotion from your heart-felt playing. I am a cellist and have played for 10 years, and I am about to enter my 3rd year at music college. I have not come from a musical or wealthy background but have always received the highest amount of support I possibly could, and one day just after my Grandad had died we found an envelope in his drawer with money in it, and on it said 'David's First Cello'. With this money was a CD of your performances of the Bach Cello Suites. Your music means so much to me and everytime I hear you play it always fills my heart with the happy images that I shared with my Grandad. Please may your work continue to fill other people's hearts as it has so beautifully done to mine.


By bulaito | 08/15/09 - 01:08AM

Dear Mr. Yo-Yo Ma,
It's been over 20 years since I went to your concert in Japan for the first time. Today(Aug 14th) I live in USA and went to enjoy your concerto at Ravinia Festival. Your passion for music has been unchanged and I was so moved by your tremendous play, like I cried at your concert 20 years ago. Your play and passion for music always revive me.
I truly appreciated for your wonderful play, passion for music and sharing your talent with us. I wish you have more wonderful life with health, and share your love and passion for music with us.
Tito from Chicago suburb

By Spiros | 07/30/09 - 04:07PM

Mr Ma, Free Time Quartet & and Miranda Verouli we perform A.C.Jobim music. We know that you are interested in brazilian music and you have done an excellent work. We would be very happy if you could watch our video.

By adam14888 | 06/06/09 - 01:06AM

I am a great fan of Yo Yo Ma. He is one of the worlds greatest composers. I just love Yo Yo Ma.

By eddieforg | 05/26/09 - 09:05PM

hello mr ma
i didnt manage to get a ticket to you show(S) at alice tully. any idea when you may be back in the new york area?

By billgoff | 05/14/09 - 11:05PM

I want to make a recommendation to Yo-Yo Ma regarding two outstanding musicians with whom he could play and make a new album. The musicians are Greg & Junko MacDonald. They live in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they play steel drums. I have heard them in person several times and own many of their award winning CDs. I think the sound of beautifully played steel drums and Yo-Yo Ma's wonderful cello would be a great combination. The MacDonald's website is and their e-mail is Let me know if this is a possibility.
Bill Goff

By diegomcipriano | 04/17/09 - 11:04PM

Hello Yo Yo Ma, I from Brazil and the song the your music and your life myself archieved. You have a dom marvelous than it is to myself he helps the one exist best.

Thank you By tornar feasible perceive happiness and the life!!!

Diego M.

By Preston Roe | 04/12/09 - 01:04PM

I realize Yo Yo Ma must receive request from thousands of composers to lend his ear to their music. Perhaps he or someone else visiting this site will take the time to listen to a simple piece played by a talented artist. “Cello 4 Alfred” by Preston Roe @ YouTube.

By uromry | 04/04/09 - 06:04AM

Dear Mr. Ma, We attended your Jerusalem concert two months ago (February) and enjoyed it so very much. We loved especially the last piece you have played, all by yourself, and were just as excited as the rest of the audience - I think everyone was just breathless. Alas we don't know what the music was, and all our attempts to get this information from the Jerusalem Orchestra failed. Anyway I can get you to identify for us what that music was? Thanks so much. Ur

By LuannD | 03/22/09 - 06:03PM

Dear Mr. Ma,

About 15 months ago, I joined a new company in the Phildelphia area and began working for a wonderful Director of Sales and Marketing. On many occasions he has shared stories of his young daughter and her accomplishments as a cellist. One day, he brought a CD of his child's solo performance at the Pennsylvania Academy of Music and I was moved to tears. Since that time, I have
had the privilege of seeing several solo performances of this serious young cellist from the Lancaster PA area whose name is Kathryn.. She is now 12 years old and has been playing the cello since age 3. Her instructor for the past 6 years, Director of the Chamber Music Program , Pennsylvania Academy of Music, made the following statement about Kathryn several days ago, "In the 15 years that I have taught, I have not encountered a more exceptional musical or cellistic talent. She embodies a very important musician with the potential to develop into a fine artist as a cellist."

I wanted to tell you about Kathryn because of her great love of music and her highly developed talent.. She is a very sweet and humble child who works diligently, learns quickly, and perfoms with such passion as a performer and a soloist. Although she would probably never admit this, crowds of fans flock around her after her solo performances to obtain her autograph!

She holds you in very high esteem and I believe she may follow in your path. Although I can only imagine how many inquiries of this type that you receive, , I believe that Kathryn is truyly "one in a million" and I know of your love of children.

I believe that you would want to know about her and I will be happy to forward a solo performance CD if you would have the time to listen.

Thank you Yo-Yo for all that you have done for music lovers all over the world!

Luann Kania Dunkerley

PS. My New England cousins speak of you and your family in the very highest regard.!

By icegoddesslexra | 03/04/09 - 08:03PM

Dear Mr. Ma,
I really hope you check your site...I've been a cellist for 6 years now and you've inspired me very much. Recently in my English class our teacher has assigned us a research project on a topic we love. I immediately thought; classical music. But it's too WIDE a topic to choose. So I narrowed it down, by picking you as the topic.

Now we're supposed to do an interview with an expert on the topic we chose. I personally know no one who would be an 'expert' about you...I was hoping to contact you in some way so I could interview you via email.
Sincerely with much admiration,

By CBanschbach | 02/27/09 - 01:02PM

I would like to know that he might read this as well. I too have enjoyed Yo-Yo Ma and his music for a long time and respect him greatly as a musician, as I am a musician myself. If he does read this, I wish to contact him in hopes of gaining a sponsorship for Legends, a Drum and Bugle Corps that I am planning on being a part of this summer. I am a French Horn player as well as a mellophone player, and I want to have the chance to gain a lot of musical experience and knowledge through the drum corps experience. It is a chance for me to work with professional instructors and other high school college students that are both interested in music and passionate about it. I recently applied for a scholarship but was unsuccessful in receiving it, so I am looking to find sponsors to help me pay for my tuition. The full amount is $2545, of which I am not able to pay very much of at all because of my family's financial situation. To anyone that reads this, including Yo-Yo Ma, I would very much appreciate any support that can be given. The donation is tax-deductible, and I would be willing to work with anyone that would be interested in supporting my musical aspiration.

By amyras | 02/22/09 - 11:02PM

My five year old daughter sleeps every night to Bach Cello Suites by YoYo Ma. She has been listening to this every night since months before she was born. We love YoYo Ma! We think it has made a big difference in her love of music and her math and reading skills.

We have tickets to see YoYo Ma in San Diego on May 17, 2009. We would love the chance to meet him in person to get an autograph and picture with her. He is a big part of our lives with his music playing in our home 12-15 hours a day for the past several years.

Thank you!

By Pookie47 | 01/04/09 - 05:01AM

He may be a very busy person but I have heard that he is very accessible if he is able look at the site for these comments. For someone that EVERYONE wants to have his attention, you may have to be patient.

By jtdulcimer | 01/02/09 - 07:01PM

I just wanted to thank Mr. Ma for bring back some wonderful childhood memories with his rendition of Dona Nobis Pacem. I hadn't heard (or sung) that song for 36 years. I came upon the web site here early this week and saw the song posted and had to listen. WOW - the song brought back memories of sitting around the campfire at Camp Albert Butler in Roaring Gap, NC in the 60s and early 70s and singing this song as a round. Thank you so much, Mr. Ma, for awakening long ago fond memories!

By carolroselli | 12/29/08 - 09:12PM

I hope that someone might share this with Mr. Ma. I just received the Songs of Joy and Peace CD as a gift. The variations on Dona Nobis Pacem remind me of the last time I sang it. We were on the bottom of the Grand Canyon, in a rafting group in celebration of my daughter's college graduation. We were gathered in a slot canyon, eating lunch and I couldn't contain myself any longer. Out I burst with Dona Nobis, and I was joined by three other members of the rafting trip. It was glorious... we sang it three times through, then let it drift into silence.
Still one of my most treasured memories...
Thank you for letting me share, and may God grant us joy and peace in the coming New year.

By VJB3 | 12/28/08 - 10:12PM

In the canons of style, Yo-Yo Ma is the modern, musical epitome of the eternal pillar: Traditionaism.


By cliff_mvd | 12/23/08 - 01:12AM

Hi Ted,

If the folks that run Yoyo Ma's site are cool, they will send your message on to him. With a story like yours, he should at least be given the opportunity to say yes or no.

Good luck!


By mikeblumb | 12/21/08 - 02:12PM

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By Cynthia Marie | 11/20/08 - 09:11PM

Music is for the millions, and Just like Yo Yo Ma's , yours is to. Your dedication to him will stand. Let whoever hears your music know who inspired you.

Cynthia Marie

By Serenity | 10/29/08 - 03:10PM

I'm afraid I can't help you. I can only say that I'm sure there are thousands of composers who have been inspired by Yo-Yo and would love for him to hear their work...for those as famous as he is, I don't think it's possible for them to fulfill all these requests.

Best of luck