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I am an 81 year old admirer of Yo Yo Ma. I compose music for many years. Recently, after seeing a video Yo Yo Ma playing my favored concerto (Dvorak) with the the Puerto Rican Symphony, and touched to tears by his playing I wrote a short piece for string orchestra and cello and I would like to dedicate it to him, and hope only that he would hear it. (less than 5 minutes) Anyone knows how this can be done? If at all? Looking at my age, I have not much time and therefore wish to rush this as much as possible.
I assume that there is a webmaster of this site, I would be very grateful for your help.

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By ratwaite | 04/16/12 - 03:04PM

My 8 year old son has been studying cello for almost two years now, and he's looking forward to your concert in Mesa this Sunday. He told me that "all I want to do is to shake his hand and tell him that I'm a cellist too." I told him that likely wouldn't happen, but know that you've made an impression and have inspired him, which is especially helpful when he needs to practice. Looking forward to hearing you on Sunday!

By ratwaite | 04/16/12 - 03:04PM

My 8 year old son has been studying cello for almost two years now, and he's looking forward to your concert in Mesa this Sunday. He told me that "all I want to do is to shake his hand and tell him that I'm a cellist too." I told him that likely wouldn't happen, but know that you've made an impression and have inspired him, which is especially helpful when he needs to practice. Looking forward to hearing you on Sunday!

By BuddyChartrand | 04/12/12 - 08:04PM

Mr. Ma,

You will come to Mesa, AZ on April 22. I'll request an encore in advance. My wife's name is Hong, which in her case translates to swan. If your webmaster is sharp and you receive this in time, could you and Kathryn (and Petunia) play Saint-Saens' Swan?

By koran90 | 04/07/12 - 01:04AM

Dear Mr. Ma,

Your eloquence and fluency as a dedicated and heart-felt cellist has profoundly shaped me. I would like to thank you for your efforts as a musician and as a public figure.

Hasan Mohammad

By johnnycarter125 | 04/02/12 - 03:04AM

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By nutnuts | 03/22/12 - 01:03AM

Would like to know who should I contact for booking your performance?
Please reply

By robiul | 03/21/12 - 09:03AM

I assume that there is a webmaster of this site gossip @

By robiul | 03/21/12 - 09:03AM

Looking at my age, I have not much time and therefore wish to rush this as much as possible. hollyhood @

By marie | 03/07/12 - 10:03AM

My 11 year old daughter read a short story about Mr. Ma in a school test today. She really enjoyed reading it, I must admit we have never heard of Mr. Ma prior to this. We then looked Mr. Ma up on the internet and found this site. We really enjoyed hearing the music. We are hoping that he will come to Cleveland, Ohio in the furture, we would love to go see him in person. My daughter is Chinese and enjoys reading about and learning about other Chinese Americans.

By Melissap | 03/07/12 - 01:03AM

Hello, I am currently choreographing a dance to the first one and a half minutes of "Attaboy" by Goat Rodeo Sessions. I am hoping to perform it at a local concert in Utah at the end of this month. A copyright concern has been raised because the performance is going to be recorded and then a copy will be given to those who were in it. I am writing to ask permission to use the piece of this song. Please let me know if this is a possibility.

Melissa P.

By Alison Sun | 03/02/12 - 05:03AM

Dear Mr. Ma,

This is Alison from Kang Hsuan Educational Publisher (, Taiwan. I am writing this email to you for asking your kind permission of using your picture, as attached, in a music and culture relative book, which we are working on. Because you are so famous and outstanding in the field music, we truly hope that your picture can be the cover of the book. Please kindly let me know if you need anything from us or anything about the book.

If we could have your kind permission, we will send you a letter of permission, which kindly allows us to use the picture, as attached, as the cover of the book.

Looking forward to your warm response.
My email


By Alison Sun | 03/02/12 - 05:03AM

Dear Mr. Ma,
This is Alison from Kang Hsuan Educational Publisher (, Taiwan. I am writing this email to you for asking your kind permission of using your picture, as attached, in a music and culture relative book, which we are working on. Because you are so famous and outstanding in the field music, we truly hope that your picture can be the cover of the book. Please kindly let me know if you need anything from us or anything about the book.
If we could have your kind permission, we will send you a letter of permission, which kindly allows us to use the picture, as attached, as the cover of the book.

Looking forward to your warm response.


By diwilkin | 02/19/12 - 09:02PM

Yo-Yo Ma - We need your help with an arts advocacy piece.
We would like to put your image behind that of a young student learning a string instrument in a poster advocating the support of arts education in K-12 schools.

As you know, arts (music, theatre, visual arts and dance) programs are facing major cuts and sometimes elimination in these difficult economic times.

I am a teacher in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and our Arts Advisory Council is working with a design group that had donated time and creative energy towards designing an image and message asking the public to support the arts - visual arts, music, dance and theatre.

I would like to send a DRAFT poster for your review where a transparent image of you is placed as a backdrop behind a young student playing a string instrument.

My contact information is:

Diane Wilkin
Fine and Performing Arts
Harry S Truman High School
3000 Green Lane
Levittown, PA 19057
school number is 215-547-3000
my e-mail is: or

Thank you for your time and support. I look forward to communicating further with you.



By stelene | 02/17/12 - 07:02PM

Hello Mr. Ma,
Last year you came to Kalamazoo, MI and played with the symphony. After the performance there was an invitation-only reception in an adjacent building and when you first walked in there were 8 young cellists playing for you (The Grace Notes). You graciously came over and shook all their hands. The first one you introduced yourself to was my 15 year old son, Brett Howland. This summer Brett is taking a missions trip the Kenya and as a way off raising support they are having a silent auction on March 9, 2012. Is there anything that you could send us that could be auctioned off?

Thank you for that night, my son will never forget shaking your hand (he really wanted to play Julie-O for you that night, but he never got the chance) .

Thank you so very much!
Steve Howland

By trevo123 | 02/16/12 - 06:02PM

Wishful thinking, I know...

Yo-Yo Ma is coming to the University of Arizona on April 21 to play a concert. I have had my tickets for months now. What I'm writing about is that the following Sunday (4/22) @ 3PM at the University of Arizona's College of Music there is a Steel Drum concert that I am part. We will be playing Adagio for Strings and (as I know this is pretty much any fans dream) we would love to have him play alongside us. If someone high enough up does somehow manage to read this and consider it a possibility, please get back to me. It would mean the world to the University of Arizona Steel Band!!!

By Teresa L. Cooper | 02/13/12 - 04:02PM
By Teresa L. Cooper | 02/13/12 - 04:02PM

My name is Teresa Cooper and I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas. I am choreographing a dance for our Faculty Dance Concert in April. My husband, Andy Cooper is a professional musician, clarinet player, a graduate of UNT who had a major stroke in September which paraylzed his left side ( see Andrew Cooper)
This dance deals with the bond my husband and I have and the bonds of true friends who help you get through times like these. I would love to use three selections from Yo-Yo Ma & Friends Songs of Joy & Peace: Improvisation on Dona Nobis Pacem- Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile; Invitacio'n al Danzo'n- Paquito D'Rivera, Alon Yavnai; and Here Comes the Son- James Taylor. This music speaks to my heart and touches me. The concert does not make money. It is designed to provide an educational experience for the dancers as well as the audience.
Thank you for your help in this matter.
T. Cooper

By Musicfor theheart | 02/05/12 - 04:02PM

Hello there Mr. Ma,

My friend and I are sophomores at the Wheatley school, and we are working on an interdisciplinary, multi-media project on Human Nature. As part of our ongoing investigation, we are hoping you will be willing to allow us to interview you because we would like more information on how music helps people interact with each other, and you are an expert in the field of music. We need to finish gathering our information in the next two weeks so if you are available, please contact us at your earliest convenience at:
or by phone at (347-827-6561)
Here are some questions we may ask so you get a taste of the kind of information we are seeking:
"How does music help us communicate with each other?
Do you believe music is a universal language? Why?
How does music help people, especially those with illnesses?"

Thank you in advance for any assistance!
Our teacher is Ms. Karen Bartscherer, and her contact information is:

Heather & Chloe of Wheatley. (:

By jane towle | 01/25/12 - 05:01PM

I'd like to walk down the aisle to Yo Yo Ma prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1.
(Although open to other Yo Yo Ma suggestions?)

So Mr Ma, if you fancy a quick working holiday to the beautiful Lake District National Park in the UK around March 31st 2012, give me a shout!! There's a £500 donation to your favourite charity up for grabs Smiling

Off to the shop now.


By Patryk Kaczmarek | 01/03/12 - 05:01PM

I just want to thank you Yo Yo Ma. I hope I will meet you.

Clarinet Player.

By Vivienne Mansfield | 01/02/12 - 03:01PM

What a beautiful tribute to Yo-Yo Ma at the Kennedy Center Honors! It was obvious Mr. Ma was overwhelmed by the performers and music, as was the entire audience! What more could one want with John Williams conducting, James Taylor singing, the wonderful musicians performing and a children's choir singing The Beatles' classic Here Comes The Sun! I didn't realize how much Mr. Ma has stepped out of the classical circle with his music. When I heard the Silk Road Ensemble perform, it made me think of Robert Plant singing the beautiful Life Begin Again. I wondered if Yo-Yo would consider recording with Jimmy Page and Robert. It is not such a far out idea. Jimmy's solos can be beautiful and tender, as is also the case with Robert's duets with Alison Kraus. I think it could be a wonderful meeting of minds and talent!

By murnane | 12/05/11 - 12:12PM

Hello Mr. Ma. I host a lecture series at Worcester Academy in Worcester Massachusetts. I was wondering if you ever do speaking engagements for high school audiences (?). Your message re: the need for cultural understanding would resonate with our educational philosophy and the themes we usually highlight as part of our speaker series every year. Below is a link to an article I published that mentions your work. I include it to show seriousness and real alignment with your lives work and mission.

John R. Murnane

By goatlover | 12/03/11 - 03:12PM

Pleas, Please, Please tour the goat rodeo. The world needs to see this.

By jj123jj | 11/30/11 - 07:11PM

Yo-Yo-Ma ,
You Touch my Heart with your inspiring Music I'm an 11 year old cellist i've been playing cello for 3 years and i've admired you for ever but My dream is to be a cellist in The CSO when i'm old enough. I wanted to play the cello when I was three. my teacher played in the CSO I play cello, piano ,harp, and can play the violin but i played Violin for 2 years when was four I saw your concert It was amazing It was amazing how you kept playing while helping the violinist fix his music because it was blowing away!!!!! Your truly amazing. and I don't know How I could ever live without music I love writing about you in my writing class I hope someday i'll play in the CSO and be so committed like you are!!!!!!,


By Jonfred876 | 11/29/11 - 07:11PM

Dear Mr. Yo-Yo Ma,

I am a 14 year old cellist. I have been playing for about 3 and a half years, but before that, I played the violin. I am currently working to conquer Bach's Six Suites for cello, and am just trying to play it piece by piece. I would love some tips, if you could give some.
One day, I would love to play with you. You are the best cellist in the world, and I would love to play with that cellist. I try to practice at least an hour a day, if not more. I truly love your work.

Respond if possible. You can reach me at

Thanks, Jonathan Frederick

By KdwStudent | 11/28/11 - 09:11PM

Hello Dr. Yo-Yo Ma, I am a cello student working towards an undergraduate degree in music education. I would like to ask you for some advice, it is about getting something out of my head while playing cello. I am a senior at UCM in Missouri and have always been thinking about the technicality of the cello, which I have been playing since I was 8 and taking private lessons since I was 13. Whenever I encounter a difficult passage, shift, etc., I always seem to be second guessing myself, and when I don't second guess my self I end up playing much more musically.

I just can't seem to get over the fact that whenever I put my fingers down on the fingerboard, use my bow with the right amount of weight, that they all are educated guesses we use to play any non fretted string instrument. It always ends up making me over-think which occasionally leads to poor intonation and overall musicality. If there is any advice that you could offer, I would not forget it. It has been stuck in my head for a few years now.

I think the problem may be that I am over-thinking, and as my cello teacher simply says when talking about those shifts where you really end up guessing and adjusting, "You just have to do it."

Thank you for your time, I hope this reaches you.

Kasey Wasson,

By cgronier | 11/23/11 - 03:11PM

I would like to get in contact with Yo-Yo Ma in order to provide him pictures of his father Ma Hiao Tsuin (not sure of the spelling in latin characters).
The reason I have these pictures is that my father and Yo-Yo Ma's father met in Paris during the WWII period.
Best regards,
C Gronier.

By ruth | 11/22/11 - 12:11AM

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get the score to Simple Gifts played by Yo-yo Ma and Alison Krauss? Thanks!

By cellokid | 11/17/11 - 03:11PM

Dear Yo-yo ma,
I was wondering how many instruments you play? My uncle is a music teacher. I am on my 2nd year of cello and I LOVE it.


By emilian | 11/15/11 - 05:11PM

Good evening Yo-Yo Ma,

This is Emilian Badea, I hold a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Music Performance. I teach accordion at U Mass Boston, and I am the assistant conductor of the Brockton Symphony Orchestra. I would like to have the opportunity to share with you my experience as an accordion teacher.

Happy belated Birthday, please stay in good health,

With all best wishes,


By emmab | 11/12/11 - 12:11PM

Howdy Yo-Yo Ma!
I am Emma Baker, 16 yoa, I read that you are learning to play the accordion! That is very exciting b/c it is an instrument that is not so popular today.

If you would like any advice or help, please email me and I will do my best to help if you need it. It is a fun intrument!

My email address is if you would like to contact me. I can give you some pointers if you need them! Smiling LOL!

Your friend,


By sjh | 11/11/11 - 02:11PM

Yo Yo Ma

My great uncle wrote a song for his daughter about 45 years ago that died of CP. The song sits in my piano bench and it's beautiful. It should be played. You can have it. SH

By phreakv | 11/03/11 - 03:11PM

I can only hope that you'd consider taking the Goat Rodeo Sessions music down to Bluegrass Underground in Cumberland Caverns ( ). As much as I'm excited about seeing you play at the Kauffman Center in January, I can't express how happy of a trip it'd be to see you down there. I realize that scheduling could be an issue but I think it would be an amazing way to introduce this new American music project to a lot of people that missed out on watching the Colbert Report Monday.

Thank you for pushing beyond what others perceive as the boundaries of their musical genres.

By PITTSBURGHFAN | 11/02/11 - 07:11PM

Mr. Ma,
My tickets to see your upcoming show in Pittsburgh arrived in the mail today. Your recording of Bach's cello suites is frequently playing in the background in my home. I'm not certain if you take requests, but if you'd consider it for one of your famous encore's, and you've enough time to prepare, my wife and I both would be delighted to hear you play the prelude to suite 6. You could play all of them for that matter, but I could live with just one. Thanks for your consideration.
Dan M.
Pittsburgh, Pa

By kinzer | 11/02/11 - 10:11AM

Dear Yo yo,

My 3 year old daughter has been taking cello for about 7 months because she loves you so much! She adores you...ever since she saw an early Mr. Rogers episode from wayyy back when. She even named her cat Yo Yo...and tells me she looooovvvvvves you-complete with goo goo eyes:) Her early exposure to you and your music has totally shaped her personality! She can pick instruments out of any piece of music, and she now has 4 little songs down on her cello. Her very first lesson when she was two...she insisted on playing with her eyes closed because she says that's how you "feel" the music! She wanted to go right into using that bow! So, now she's 3 1/2...this kid would rather see you than go to Disney, so we are going to try and see you in either Pittsburgh in Dec, or NY. We live in the Baltimore, MD area. Thank you Yo yo. You continue to delight with your music, but for will always remain very special to our family. We look forward to having Nina see you play in person. xoxoxo

By S_Larocque | 05/02/11 - 09:05PM

Mr. Ma, my son, a cello and classical guitar player, has recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout with his involvement in the Boy Scouts of America. He currently plays with his high school orchestra and with the South West Florida Youth Symphony. He is a big fan of yours and I know he would greatly appreciate receiving a letter of congratulations or commendation from you. Within the next few weeks, we will be conducting his Eagle Court of Honor. I am sure that your presence at this celebration of his achievement would greatly honor him, but he would be proud to receive a letter of congratulations from you. We will see that it is read at the Court of Honor and presented to him as a permanent reminder of the importance of his achievement.

Please feel free to email me via this forum as I am now signed up as a fan on this site.

I appreciate your consideration.


By YOYOMA-cellofan | 05/02/11 - 07:05PM

Hi Mr. Ma
I am 13 years old and absolutly adore you. You are my hero!!!!
I saw a video of you playing The Swan and fell in love with it. You are simply AMAZING and would want to be like you when I am older. Thank you!!
<3 Smiling

By cbponce | 04/11/11 - 10:04AM

Thank you for creating a lot of wonderful music for us to listen.
Today I found out this website and would like to express my gratitude to your mom.
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By yunie_ | 04/05/11 - 01:04PM

yoyoma, im really glad to see an asian as outstanding as him.
whenever friends asked me about who i think is the most famous asian, his name will definitely pop up with one or two others. He came to my country for a performance before, and i always wonder how to win him back. really really looking forward to your next performance!

By slytherin | 03/16/11 - 06:03PM

Hello Mr. Ma,
I have a solo with the cello part of "When I close My Eyes" by Jim Papuolis. I was wondering if you had any tips so that I could sound better and more lively? If you could, email me please at
Thanks in advance!

By Peace Ireland | 03/05/11 - 12:03PM

Dear Yo Yo Ma,

Your music is so powerful and the message of Peace it carries disarms the human heart. My friends and myself would like to know if there is a way we can invite you to come to Ireland. We have some great venues now, state of the art, like the Grand Canal Theatre with 2,100 seats, the Convention Centre Dublin with 2,000 seats, to name just the newly inaugurated ones. If you would consider coming to Ireland in September it would be a perfect time as we are celebrating UN World Day of Peace in a special way this year. I do not know if this message ever gets to you personally, but we do not know of any better way to make known our desire to have you come to Ireland and have concerts here. We would love it very much if you would be interviewed on the national television channel and even have your concert broadcast live. That would be just wonderful. I hope your webmaster will forward this message to you. More power to you and the peace your music brings.

Peace Ireland

By Josiah | 02/25/11 - 10:02PM

Mr. Ma,

I would like to say that I enjoy all the work you have done not only for the United States, but for the world! I have followed your career since I was five years old. Every recording that I have found that you have made has captured my attention. I think that your music is amazing! All of the passion that you put into your music is so obvious to see when you play! I too myself have been cello for over ten years. I am nowhere as good as you, but your recordings of Faure Elegie, the Dvorak Cello Concerto, the Elgar Cello Concerto, Vivaldi double cello concerto and tango suites are my favorites! I have seen you once in concert in St. Louis. Me and my friend Steven searched for you to find your autograph back stage, but we were told you had to leave. I really enjoyed your interpretation of the Dvorak Cello Concerto (as does my cello teacher), and I like your interpretation of the Bach Suites (your encore)! I also enjoy listening to your cadenza at the end of the Haydn Cello Concerto.

I am truly amazed by everything you have done, and I hope that one day I will be able to play as well as you! I hope that you keep on playing, and continue your work with the silk road ensemble. Remember sir that you are making a difference in the lives of those who hear your work.

Congratulations on receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom,

By cary_mckay | 01/06/11 - 02:01PM


I am a professor or early childhood education and child development. I work with a number of non-profit organizations that advocate for children.

I would like to know if it is possible to obtain permission to use the song Familia with a short informational video about OMEP-USA. We are a small national organization dedicated to children's rights around the world. We are the United States national committee for OMEP international. Is there a way that we can apply for permission to use Familia as the music that accompanies our video. We plan to use it at our meetings and to introduce OMEP-USA to other child advocate groups and on our web site (

The message that your work conveys concerning people and the respect of others seems very much in keeping with our work as a child rights organization. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we might use your music to support our work.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

By bookwa | 01/04/11 - 08:01PM

Wishing you all the best in the year 2011!

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By ngattis | 12/26/10 - 01:12PM

Dear Mr. Ma,
I have been a great fan of yours for many years since I first saw you perform, probably when I was in middle school if not earlier. I have studied for many years and now teach band at an inner city school in Charlotte, NC. I have been working toward motivating my students to become the best young musicians they can be, but with limited means this is not an easy task. I have created a project entitled "Anyone can be a Musician" where I have posted pictures, posters, programs, anything of present day musicians to motivate my students and show them the impact music can have.
I, and my students, would greatly appreciate a poster or other promotional materials that you could send. If it is at all possible to send a personal message making a connection to show that musicians are real people too!
The school is only three years old, and I am the only music teacher. My students are very talented, but do not yet grasp the bigger picture of music. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If there is anyone else around the internet that would like to contribute our address is:
Military and Global Leadership Academy
3351 Griffith Street
Charlote, NC 28203

By gyuchan | 11/09/10 - 07:11AM

I am Cellist in Korea. I recorded cello Hymns album "Cello Fantasia" last month.
And now I visit New-York (John Jay college, Lynch Theater) for musical "Covenant Jouuney" as Cello Player.
I really want to give you cello album in person, but There is no way~
If I may, could you know me your e-mail address.
I will send my album.(mp3 file)

Kang, Gyu-chan / Cellist /

By composer11 | 10/30/10 - 11:10AM

Dear Maestro,
I am junior composer. I composed several pieces for cello solo and cello+piano duos. Would it be possible to send couple of them to you?

Thank you in advance!

By susana vega | 10/27/10 - 08:10AM

Gracias por tu musica, tienes el sonido mas maravilloso que he escuchado, tu cello emite los sonidos de mi corazon. please come to chile, we are so grateful, you have many fans in this country we love your music.

By laynge | 10/23/10 - 07:10AM

Thank you for creating a lot of wonderful music for us to listen.
Today I found out this website and would like to express my gratitude to your mom.
I read "My Son - Yo Yo" by Marina Ma as told to John A. Rallo in 1995.
It gave me a lot of inspiration and showed a way to bring up my son since he was
very young. I also let my son to read this book when he could read books.
I think, he also got some messages from you from this book more or less.
Luckily he is now attending the same school as you did.
I truly hope that you can give this message to your mom.

Best Regards,
user name: laynge (of your website)

By Suekmet | 08/20/10 - 06:08PM

First let me say that you are an incredible talent and I am a huge fan. But the reason for my note today, I am working on a fundraiser for breast cancer (Bras for the Cause) and my group has chosen a cello as our theme this year. We have a cello that we will be decorating for the event (or actual the bra that will accompany the cello). All submissions are judged and then sold to raise money for breast cancer. It was thought that our entry would be so much more valuable if we included one of your cd's. What I was hoping is that I could get an autographed one. I understand that you are probably initiated with requests like this but I truly hope to hear from you. My e-mail is

Thanks for listening! - Sue