Cello VIDEO GAME starring YO YO MA?

I was playing my cello today and glanced over at my XBOX 360. That's when I realized...why not have a VIDEO GAME that teaches people all the fundamentals of CELLO PLAYING? We'll call it "CELLO MASTER: starring YO-YO-MA" What better way to immortalize the skill and passion this man has brought to the world than through an instructional game? If anyone can pass this message along, I think we'd have a hit on our hands.

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By kyle1313t | 05/27/10 - 12:05AM

That'd be sick! I just can't see it happening though Sad


Thank you for taking the time to read my message!
-Kyle Talley, 13 year old cellist Sticking out tongue

By NickKemp | 04/23/10 - 09:04PM

The Cello is a beautiful instrument, but I don't know if a video game would catch on.

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By manray | 04/21/10 - 11:04AM

I'm an SEO Reseller, and after a tiring yet fruitful day at the office, the one album that I pop into my sound system is "Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFarrin's Hush". One particular track that has intricately piqued my interest is "Hush." The soulful voice of Diana embraced with the delectable and fun cello playing of Yo-Yo Ma just washes away my stress from work. If Yo-Yo Ma's genius works are ever translated into video games, then that would definitely teach kids a lot about art and culture while having fun and loving it. Video games, if used in the right manner, can be an effective and educational medium.

By CookingGrills | 04/03/10 - 01:04PM

Great idea, but somehow I don't think it will catch on.

By MhMony | 02/24/10 - 01:02AM

this is really nice idea.

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By Donbrad | 01/18/10 - 05:01PM

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By BonyYousuf | 12/01/09 - 12:12PM

thats a great idea... i wish someone did something with it....

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