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I have just started playing Cello (4 months) I am looking for somewhere that I can purchase the Cello Sheet music for Ennio Morricone's Gabriel's Oboe fron The Mission. I cannot find it anywhere, but I know that I have heard Yo Yo Ma Playing it.

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By prismbookmarking | 05/13/10 - 06:05AM

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By astromovers1 | 04/09/10 - 06:04AM

I want to hear it.
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By taozawa | 03/22/10 - 04:03AM

you can search over search engine or google, and you can get that info through wikipedia

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By DentistCare | 03/17/10 - 01:03PM

Look also at the google music from the movies where ennio participated,
You can search wikipedia filmography and look where he has participated. There are many sites where you can find them , right now can't remember a web page, but if you put endeavor i'm sure you will find it.

By SCarlisle | 03/07/10 - 08:03PM

I played the cello for one year in HS. I should have stuck with it. Oh well!

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By isochronicalpha | 03/04/10 - 10:03PM

It's available at the musicroom's site. Just google "Cello Sheet music for Ennio Morricone's Gabriel's Oboe".
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By BGN | 03/04/10 - 04:03PM

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By MhMony | 02/23/10 - 05:02AM

i have been looking for the same thing...

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By ivesbabolt | 01/26/10 - 04:01AM

Yup. Heard him play that.

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By BonyYousuf | 12/01/09 - 12:12PM

u could easily search for this on google.. just look for "Sheet Music"...

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By McManigal | 11/08/09 - 10:11AM

I haven't played my cello since the 8th grade. Anyone know where I can buy a used one for a good price? eBay maybe?

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By evanstone27 | 10/20/09 - 05:10AM

Great information.

By philosophy | 10/18/09 - 08:10PM

cello is like proprietary, you just need to have a good ear in the first place, or develop it and be able to decipher the notes for pieces. you can also do logical transcribes using piano notation.


By Ronnie | 10/12/09 - 11:10PM

Does anyone have any good sites where I could get some cello sheet music? I checked all over, but I haven't found anything yet. amazon coupon codes

By ninanina | 08/24/09 - 01:08AM

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By Austin Abernathy | 05/23/09 - 08:05PM

Wow! I have been wanting that music as well! Infact that album was one of the first "cello" albums when I first started playing cello. I really hope that it surfaces one day!

Austin G. Abernathy

By celloplayer5 | 04/16/09 - 11:04AM

I have been looking for that same thing also, and we haven't found it either.