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I´m Ines, from Spain. I´m cellist of a cellist women group from Spain called nouarcs. This is our 2 year playing together with a lot of cities of Spain, and now we have our promotional videoclip in youtube.

We would like you watch the video and let me know what you think! The link is


Thank you very much

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By BonyYousuf | 12/01/09 - 12:12PM

wow thats a great video... may be someday we will see u performing with yo yo ma... Laughing out loud
keep up the good work..
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By mp3shqip | 08/19/09 - 03:08PM

Short and nice, very good! The clip reminds me of apocalyptica a little bit!

And by the way, pretty girls you and your friends Eye-wink

Keep up the good work, if youtube wouldn't have changed there system, I could now make fake-views for your video and it would get a lot attention.


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By ricklylee66 | 07/06/09 - 08:07AM

Wow, your daughter seems quite good I must say. The views are marvelous too.


By Karen Smithson | 06/24/09 - 10:06PM

This is wonderful, Ines. My daughter spent a good deal of time in Spain and said she was exposed to a wide variety of music. I am checking out your YouTube right now and will let you know. We need to keep quality music growing!