cd available ?

Am trying to find out if there is a cd made from a tv show I saw in Canada this past week-end . Renee Fleming sings in it ,and lots of ther musicians , I think Paquito di rivera , if I remember correctly . Was flipping through channels and caughts glimpses of it but it is very beautiful and would love to get the cd if it exists . went through his website , but I don't think it is there
anyone knows ?
Thank you
p.s, my adress is
I prefer a direct answer if possible , am not too good with the myspace , etc

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By DanB. | 12/01/09 - 03:12PM

Thanks for information. I use only DVD.

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By BonyYousuf | 12/01/09 - 12:12PM

its songs of peace and joy...
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By wily willie | 01/24/09 - 12:01PM

Hello there, I'm Canadian, from the Great Lakes area , in Ontario. The cd that Ms. Crozon wants is, Songs of Peace and Joy. The programme she watched was a DVD made for that particular album. Rene Fleming is on the deluxe edition of Sony #733336. It came out last October, I believe. It is still available at major record stores, like Borders, or Barnes and Noble. Also. I beleive that Amazon, or Arkiv get it, on line. W.W.