Bucharest, Romania

please change the name in events list...
Bucharest is not in Hungary
It's a capital of Romania...
thank you!

Comments (5)

By DanB. | 02/02/10 - 11:02AM

Buharest is dirty city. But Black sea beach in Romania is great!

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By werty09 | 01/05/10 - 06:01PM

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By werty09 | 01/05/10 - 06:01PM

yes i come from romania too.its capital of romania..its sure.thanx that its changed now
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By BonyYousuf | 12/10/09 - 03:12PM

where do u want it to change??

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By DanB. | 12/01/09 - 03:12PM

Yes, Buharest is in Romania. I used to go there. It's nice authentic country.

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